About Us


How we started

After a two-day audition process and a lot of sweat, we were all accepted to the Honours acting program at the University of Winnipeg and didn't know each other too well. During the lunch break for the first show in University us four ladies sat around the table and started to riff jokes. Tears of laughter came flowing quickly - not just from us, but from passerbys who may or may not have thought we were crazy - and the idea for Not My Favourite Daughter was born.


Work we do now

After the success of The Mimosa Girls, which is a feature web series on Vimeo. We created our first play titled Call Girls accepted into the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival in 2018, performing to regularly sold-out audiences. We have also been performing sketch comedy around Winnipeg and just took our second play The Great Pillow War of 96 To the Winnipeg and Saskatoon Fringe Festival (2019)


Why we do it

We have put our hearts and souls into Not My Favourite Daughter Productions. We wanted to create comedy with our best friends and make more friends along the way. We know it's not always easy, but so far we are having the time of our lives. We understand how comedy can make friends like family onstage and off.

As a group we look up to comediennes such as Kate McKinnon, Tina Fey, Tiffany Hadish, Gilda Radner, Baronness Von Sketch and comedians like John Candy and Jim Carey. We hope in the future our living heroes can someday see our work. (The ones who are still living)