Meet Us

Ciera Fredborg


    Ciera Fredborg, Manitoba theatre and film actor and graduate of the U of W Theatre Honours program is a proud founding member of NMFD Productions. With experience ranging from indie films to full scale theatre productions, sketch comedy, and feature films, Ciera is happily living the artist life in a variety of ways.

 NMFD's hit fringe show Call Girls showcased Ciera's comedic talents as she dazzled the stage in an unforgettable hot pink tracksuit while delivering jokes and Pamela Anderson impersonations. And more recently, in NMFD's touring Fringe show The Great Pillow War of '96, Ciera gave an energized performance as Amanda, a fourteen year old romantic. 

Every so often Ciera performs her favourite ongoing sketch character Maureen's Modern Recipes at Wee Johnny's Comedy Bar during their Character Nights.  This joyful internet chef character is Ciera's unique way of bringing her two passions together, food and performance.

Ciera is grateful to create with the badass ladies of NMFD! 


Tessa Jenkyns



Tessa Jenkyns is a recent graduate of the University of Winnipeg’s Acting Honours Program. She is also one of the four founding members of Not My Favourite Daughter Productions- obviously. She has been very busy this summer in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, as she performed in two productions- an NMFD original, “Call Girls” and “Her Wings” by Buried Seeds Productions. When she is not on stage with her fellow leading ladies she is creating, writing and producing Mimosa Girls and NMF Sketch, as well as auditioning and working in the professional film industry. 

But, on any average day, Tessa is fulfilling the actor cliché of waitressing during the day and enjoying the simple pleasures in life, such as, wine and cheese at night. Tessa could not be more thankful to have found such a remarkable group of women to create and grow with. She has an eye for creativity and making people laugh, and plans on spending the rest of her life doing both. Hollywood- she’s ready whenever you are!

Carly Rackal



Carly Rackal is one of the four founding members of Not My Favourite Daughter! As a recent graduate of the University of Winnipeg’s honours acting program, she’s had the opportunity to portray many different roles: Olympia, (Big Love) Roger/ General’s Girl (The Balcony) and Denise ( The Heidi Chronicles) She also plays the role of Shelly B in NMFD’s ongoing web series “The Mimosa Girls” as well as other fun roles in NMFD’s new sketch show. 

Carly loves the joy that comedy brings to people, and loves spreading that joy and putting new perspectives on things with three of her closest friends. When she’s not acting, you can probably find her dogwatching at her favourite coffee shop, or doing some watercolour painting! She’s excited to have you all along on NMFD’s journey!

Olivia Raine



Olivia Raine is an up and coming actor from the Manitoban prairies and a graduate from the U of W acting honors program. Olivia is also a founding member and main writer of Not My Favourite Daughter productions. Recent credits include RMTC Buying the Farm, NMFD The Great Pillow War of 96, and Voicing the character and band Olivia Sea (you can find the album on any music streaming service)  Olivia also stars in the short film Pucker Up Baby  Which won Best Short Dramedy at New York's Take it Easy Film Festival

Olivia is so frickin pumped to be a part of this comedic team and will always love creating art with her friends.