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Christmas Moms Part 1

The Moms are back!!! And this time, it's Christmas! 

Mimosa Girls Fireside Holiday Special - Shelly W

It's here!! The 4th and final instalment of the Mimosa Girls Fireside Holiday Special! 

This week, Shelly W has a classic Christmas story to tell!

Mimosa Girls Fireside Holiday Special - Shelly R

We are back with the third episode of the Christmas series! 

This week it's Shelly R and she's bringing the holly the jolly and the sexy.

There is also someone new in town....

Mimosa Girls Fireside Holiday Special- Shelly B

In this instalment of Mimosa Fireside Stories, Shelly B shares her holiday spirit and feelings about Scrooge.

Mimosa Girls Fireside Holiday Special- Shelly J

It's December 1st and The Mimosa Girls have a Christmas tale to tell. Well, actually it's Shelly J so the story might be off a little bit.

Mimosa Girls: Talent Show

Join us in the 5th episode of the popular web-series The Mimosa Girls!  Watch their talent show and wait for the surprise ending!!!

The Mimosa Girls: Haunted House

They are back and ready to scare! Walk through the Mimosa Girls Haunted House. It's like pretty freaky..tbh

Halloween Moms

We all know them and love them. The Halloween Moms

The Everyday Life of the Girl from the Ring

what does she do during the day? watch to find out!

Millennial Horror Stories

Millennials have many scary stories. This is just one. First epsiode of halloween themed NMFD Sketch. Like, share and comment!...if you dare!

I hate Winnipeg

Only losers like Winnipeg.

Beautiful Bubbly Bridal Shower

The Mimosa Girls plan a bridal shower.